Anton Niklasson

Fullstack JavaScript

at Creuna

As a part of multiple different teams I contributed to design systems, frontend architecture, server-rendered React apps, API-integrations, and internal tools for governement organizations and larger coporations.


react, node.js, storybook, fractal, styled-components, next.js, server-side rendering, jest, and docker-compose


at Anton Niklasson AB

Fullstack JavaScript

at Bonnier News

Part of the team that built Bonnier News new publishing platform. My contribution included frontend development, backend integrations, design systems, agile work and technical interviews.

Our main focus was to replace older tools with a more usable and unobtrusive suite of systems for optimizing the journalism produced Bonnier News.


react, node.js, emotion, redux, elasticsearch, tdd, docker, and webpack


at Netlight

Frontend Development

at Accedo

Anton was part of a distributed cross-platform team that developed the various applications for MBC Shahid, a huge player within the arabic media market.

The main challenges included making concious decisions on the frontend to adapt to their massive scale, while at the same time delivering a modern and feature-rich platform.


react, redux, css modules, and jest

Chromecast Development

at Accedo

Developed a Chromecast receiver application from scratch with the main goal of being as quick and responsive as possible. Many of the popular streaming platforms suffered from longer startup times on teh Chromecast. The technical solutional was successful due to offloading the client with a server-rendered React application in combination with a aggressive response caching strategy.


react, redux, server-side rendering, jest, node.js, chromecast, and webpack

React Native

at Accedo

As part of a larger suite of white-label products Anton developed a prototype for a video streaming application in React Native.

The intention of the project was to figure out how to apply React Native in a larger software organization and pre-existing products.


react, redux, react native, android, and ios

Game Development

at Attentec

Developed a realtime multiplayer racing game for Windows Phone, Android, iOS using Lua. The game is played over a local wifi network utilizing UDP sockets, custom built level generation and client-side interpolations.


lua, tdd, and sockets

JavaScript Development

at Per & Per

Per&Per developed a series of tools and products for helping monitoring, growing, buying and selling land. The work was mainly focused around various data layers, visualization and maps.

As part of a small team Anton researched and developed prototypes focused on the web-based visualizations.


javascript, protobuf, mocha, gulp, open street map, leaflet, and mapbox